Initially I do not want introduce myself, something out there just happened and I just remember one thing: Initially a blog just a personal diary with it publicity value and I realize that I will pay it with risks.

No one hope be bullied by harrased. But remember everything we have done will having a cost, you must pay and there really nothing is free.

My real name is Anissa Auliasari, I am 17 years old for this year. I am not the only one, I am the older because I have a young sister Adelina. It why Ivlay Fus put AdelinaSasa as his site name. You may ask what is relationship between me and him? We are family He is my everything, my teacher, my friend and my father. For some reasons I can't tell more about him to everyone.

I am a girl with many passions,  I love travelling, I love gagdet such as branded smartphones and some older people said that is no good. I do not want argue, because if they said that, they are right. Good and Bad are realtively and I am sure they are influenced in time. Old times is different with today some teenegers can use their smartphone for earn money by build up some online basic business. Some of them create a blog like me. And we can learn so manything through the technology.

I love in technology and possible it is in my blood because of heritage from my father blood.

I am still young but so manything still leave behind, it will be solved as I am going older and older. I will try the best and study more and more to make sure that  I will be who I am.
Me Anissa Auliasari (Sasa)

anissa, adelina, mama and papa
Me Anissa (sasa) Adelina (Adel), Mama and Papa in 2008
adelina and Papa

Our Business (Still in development):

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