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Template Contempo Hybrid
What is Contempo Hibrida? Hibrida itself means "hybrid" in English. It clear and still make sense if I called it such kind because this theme is really made base on Contempo. Why you will loving it? 

Because of below reasons:
    1. More dynamic heading
    2. Even more speed
    3. It is good looking with classic blogger style, but it is still contempo and it is responsive and added mobile friendly Navigation menu by 100% custom.
    4. It is fascinating for both PC desktop and Celuller screen, so beautiful and so easy.
    5. Possible it is new era of blogger Theme ever.

Because this theme is good choice as an alternative for who want to change their blogger theme but does not want buy it. Just keep your money. No matterwhat you have been thougt, even you have so many questions of this mistery, we created this and we are glad to present it.
We are availlable for update, just feel free to ask.

Well, the good news you can dowload this theme free by clicking the icon below:

We are trying to improve mobile speed:
We are glad to show you good the desktop and laptop speed performance we have but we are still look for how to improve mobile speed without reduce images.
tes kecepatan
But you can make an expriment by yourself example choose image size for more light render in your blog:
Even image sizes are looking still problem in mobile speed, we are trying to solve it and find out what is happened in API to measure the speed more accurately.
There is always so many options can be taken. Do not worry we will meet again in short time! Happy blogging to all!

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  1. Request comment editor v2 di tema ini dong

  2. Thank you for share, how nice hybrid theme ever. You make it so different I even thougt it is new model had created.

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