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I am not being hate, the spoiler doesn't means a car spoiler. Not really because I just watch the INFINITY WAR so forget the car spoiler. So it is about Mr. Know-it-All. Some of us hate spoiler, why? because it called as Mr. Know-it-All. An example when you have a plan to watch infinity war movie your friend COMES full with her spirits, telling you the infinity war movie from it beginning till it endings so what is still remain will being watch? Will I cry or making a Big LOL? In social media I had many comments and they will making a high wall to quarantine any such kind spoiler, most of friends hate it but it human is so curious and they think all of them having the same whistlist, so let pick the ticket into your cart do not hear the spoiler even they tell the truth but sounds like a shit, am I right? DOES DOCTOR STRANGE MAKE ANY SPOILER? Doctor strange knew and saw million times what infinity war endings but he never make any spoiler. More being stronger someone is more bigger

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