What girl can do to earn money in a blog?

Being success in blog: the facts or just a myth?

what does can do with blog to earn money?

Some people were studying hard for how earn money. But most of us like to do that naturally by having their own talent for managing the currency, to earn and to saving money. A girl does have a talent from their origin of species as a woman to manage the currency but not for earn money because This one is in monopoly by Men.

I do not think so because recent time Man and women stated as equal: Men can do even a hard and physically dangerous activities and women can do another profesional job related arts, tradings, online business etc those need more patience, thoroughness and subtlety. That’s right!

In online business women numbers are majority youngest, vigorously and of course some of them are handled their own business successfully.
There are numbers can show you how today are so crowd. Since 2013 world blogging had been reach 152.000.00 blogs and since that moments blogs were growing and growing for each 2 second time! You can count it how many blogs are now in 2018, it hard for competited now. But do not mind we are young generation are loving in a competation culture.

But how many people are involved in a blog? Study is highligted there are women is majority in blogs! Women in blog are among. 18-34 years old. But there 52% older or mature women are blogging as well. It shown off blogging is easy for earn money just even they are stay alone at home.

Blogging is the first step for earn money, from a blog you can write some articles and publish them to develope your own trade mark for further step. With a blog you can promote yourself first by share your contents into social media. Some women are created their blog by a niche to focused it into a kind of product.

Now a girl like you can start to offering some products to your articles viewers. Or base on your blogging niche, you can offering to them some kinds of services, i.e beauty, handcrafs, fashions or some tutorial with pays.

Better and more easier when you have many friends with same interest in over your website. You can organize a business network to make you goals achived more easier. I can not tell you so many ways for targeting the goal of your achievement, this article will typing so long and you are know better.

Once you are success to stepped in and then you should being ready doing an online business through your web by blogging, it means the ticket for further success became more easier and near real. When people shown for their interest then you have more chance to sell your services and products to them. When you can pass these steps mentioned above, you are success not only in blogging but in some kind of business! Blogging just only for support your business, you can change it with different paltform of website later.

Earn money become a blogger and adsense publisher? It is past. If you would like to, better to develop a youtube channel or make IGTV, both are still make a sense...

This just for who want seriously to change their life by blogging that the way we are.

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