Can do I remove the dissapeared adsense's publisher ID away from my blogspot setting?

it frustated me
it frustated me!
Look like no way! Oh dear that is not fair for me. I've requested the adsense account in the past, yes I did. But how it does still remain like a shit in my blog's account after disapproved? I want remove it away! No matter without ads, no need to feed my blog with ads anymore.

It frustated me!
I pay domain and renewed it automatically in a couple years, and why I can not remove unwanted such notification so harass me?

See what happen in every time you try:
  • Come to blogger setting
  • Just clicking "earnings"
  • If you have disapproved publisher ID like me then See the result as shown in the picture below:
Adsense disapproved account
example of Adsense disapproved account

You can not do by clicking any link when you try it will send you in another page that will make you so frustated. No solution at all. That are just about how to registered your account into adsense and none how to delete the disapproved adsense acount from your lovely blogger. When you feel that you find related troubleshooting it sounds just like this below statement:

Google adsense notification it will not help you
Google adsense notification it will not help you
So? I sent a ton of questions, a business question with Google about people privacy, there you will find more people like me and send you such kinda complain. So, I do not cry , try and would consider another way. It wouldn't be my mistake anymore.

The solution can not be found in entire webs! You are violate the Term Of Condition!

But no any articles are found to explain it. For example I have tried to search and typing some keywords in entire webs. But nothing be found regarding this.

Oh yes, just try to type and texting like this:

"How to delete my disapproved adsense's publisher account?"

Top search results are Google help center, but when you access it tonnes answering you no related. All about adsense, tutorials, and conducts. Then I go out and try texting another question:

"can I remove disapproved publisher's adsense from my blogger setting?"

The top result search is still Google Help Center. I ignored it. But even I tried with a lot of keywords...yes ...yes...thats all. Then I write this in my personal blog.

At last The Answer comes from Blogger Community, from an expert: You can not...never. See the answer from Blogger Community below:

answered by expert
answered by expert

So that's all...When it stated as violation of conduct or Google Policy infringement, or you are violate the Term of Condition, you finish! The punishment will be continued feel like so hurt in a whole life of your blog...and what is still make a sense to asking why and why Google is need to maintain your publisher account there is:

They can track you easily by this way! I regret can do nothing with their Term Of Condition.


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  1. at this time I was not excited about adsense, because the results dropped dramatically so that I just started on local ads

  2. And some people are sent tonnes complain. But it is what they called : because you are violate the term of condition.

    You must playing by their rule...

  3. If you still love Google adsense please consider this from the beginning, because when you hate it, it will always being leave behind you.

    If you still love it, just create new blog. And registering new publisher account. Let your blog grow and grow first. Then try.

  4. Balasan
    1. I am not sad. But I feel like a sh*t when meet the fact of "punishment" that are still punish you by unlimited endings.

      I think the point is how Google always can tracking your ID easily by this way. The term of condition that they have taken make them always be a winner than us.

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