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Introduce we have 4 new blogger templates have re-designed. They are cool for it responsiveness, mobile and fast. Well, we would like to tell you one by one: DEMO    DOWNLOAD Blogger platform is different if you compare with Wordpress that has so many templates found on it dasbor. Blogger has limited amount, but you can find out alternative templates in internet, start in Free one with conditions to the expensive cost that called as premium templates. Of course all are need costs, even it Free they insert footer credit into it or direct link to protect what they call 'copyright'. Especially the Direct Link, it will kick you to their landing page when you try to delete it. And the template creator will being lucky because it will being sent him such organic traffic, ads visit or clicks and also backlink. If you want to avoid it and if you are no matter, you may explore editblogtema blog and explore download navbar to search kind of templates you like. It limited 4 models base on

2 ways to add cool custom navbar in notable blogger theme

I love notable, it rockpool style, dynamic, secure, and stylish. But so you do to make it different you must do some customs on it, included to add CSS, HTML or even Javascript. 2 navbars model for notable blogger theme How to add custom navbar, here we go: 1. ADD NAVBAR WITH DROPDOWN This even more respinsive than you think, just try make and expriment by using notable templates in your blogger for test: Go to blogger setting Chose theme By Clicking menu (it look three point) Just choose: Edit HTML See ilustration: In the HTML editor Page search tag: </head> and put following CSS below on top it: <style> body {margin:0;font-family:Arial} .topnav { overflow: hidden; background-color: transparent; border-top: double;border-color: grey;border-size: 0.5px;border-radius:5px; } .topnav a { float: left; display: block; color: #999999; text-align: center; padding: 10px 12px; text-decoration: none; font-size: 17px; } .active { background-color: red;  padding: 10px 12px; color: #fff

How do I enable a profile image to be put on top of each blogger’s posts automatically?

SO HOW TO PUT MY PROFILE PIC ON TOP OF BLOGGER POSTS? Instead of to put your avatar below the blogspot posts, this tutorial will show you how to enable set your profile image or your avatar with different way, i.e how to put it above on each blogger posts? So here we go! This works for newest blogger templates such as: Contempo, Soho, and Emporio. The profile image will automatically be displayed under the blog post title. No matter whether the blog has multiple contributors, it will displayed. When a contributor join your blog and he has picture on his blogger account, his picture will be displayed on his content or his posting on your blog, top of his own posting, below the post title. Among the 4 newest blogger templates, notable has an exception no need apply this tricks into it because it has the feature itself. You just need to change CSS setting to customize the appearance. And why we provide this article in English. Because we have explored before and put keywords such: 'Ho

Can do I remove the dissapeared adsense's publisher ID away from my blogspot setting?

it frustated me! L ook like no way! Oh dear that is not fair for me. I've requested the adsense account in the past, yes I did. But how it does still remain like a shit in my blog's account after disapproved? I want remove it away! No matter without ads, no need to feed my blog with ads anymore. It frustated me! I pay domain and renewed it automatically in a couple years, and why I can not remove unwanted such notification so harass me? See what happen in every time you try: Come to blogger setting Just clicking "earnings" If you have disapproved publisher ID like me then See the result as shown in the picture below: example of Adsense disapproved account You can not do by clicking any link when you try it will send you in another page that will make you so frustated. No solution at all. That are just about how to registered your account into adsense and none how to delete the disapproved adsense acount from your lovely blogger. When you feel that

How use a cellular phone to create a blog's content?

Today is mobile, everywhere. You can see every single words are typing by mobile. Your friend texting you via whatsApp, Messenger or they hangout you from overseas. What a laptop can do almost to be a past time and cellular can do the same now. Blogging should be the same. mobile for blogging We can not forget the history goes, and we are telling about recent. What thing is in your hand and most times with you and everytime in the life for nowadays, a laptop? or a cellular phone? You better focus to the latest one and how to maximize it for your purposes. For example we can do it for blogging. This article is aimed to answer a question, how to write an article or even a blog content through the cellular? Nothing is better rather than show it visually, and I find the way. Thank you so much for cellular phone with a bunch of multipurposes of applications. HOW CAN I DO IT Use your phone today the android phone screen have more than 5" width and the trends is becoming la


First you must know how important any logos in a blog. It is like a kind of a short impression to representative your mission in a blog. People will being reconized the massage of your blog going through it and possible become so curious what is it in the scene? 1.CREATE AND PREPARE A LOGO FOR A BLOG Lot of people are blogging through their smartphone, why it happen? Because of recent time technology is opening all the mobile possibilities, people are blogging with their phones, tablets and then how many of them are still using laptop or even a PC desktop? not a lot of us still remain. It why this tutorial is aimed to the blogging mobile users. You should know a logo will offering more your blog's contents to the viewers, and more a good looking logo will having a power to change your ordinary theme become more premium in it appearance and even looks more professional. No wonder in online market some people are offering you a service for logos, they sell it. And some of it are


The faster blog theme isn't means because of its both premium or "non-premium one". The faster one even when you use the default theme and fix some problems from it theme's structures that included how you to edited some embed codes. The faster one doesn't have heavy unnecessary load such as so many unknown codes embed. Large image contents, unnecessary live link, etc, especially to you my friends when you need good and fresh blogger theme you have so many options: You can use default theme and just modify it with your own page decoration, yes here we go by loadings speed following our conscience. Or you may buy it from online service. Of course a blogger's theme isn't merely about loadings speed, so manything will be considered by someone who need to choose the theme for their blogs once for example: The blog's theme looks match with blog mission and appropriate with so many blog contents will be created. So it must look professional, neat and tidy up


This Article is copied from Anissa, I just put in here for adding some touch between editblogtema with adelinasasa. Thats all. Feel funny, to make this become a memories of how ugly we are in writting. Or just let Read the original one: These what Sasa said: Some friends were asked me the meanings of "Kotak Pandora" and why my blog named such kind. Yes I love the Greek Mythology but I don't want adopt the myths for build up a whole lifetime of my blog with it, eventhough I am know it is very meaningful: "Pandora box" with its whole taboo secrets inside it. I know some of us are so curious.  What is that indeed in the Greek Myth of Pandora's? The container mentioned in the original story was actually a large storage jar but the word was later mistranslated as "box". In modern times an idiom has grown from it meaning "Any source of great and unexpected troubles" or alternativel


I am not being hate, the spoiler doesn't means a car spoiler. Not really because I just watch the INFINITY WAR so forget the car spoiler. So it is about Mr. Know-it-All. Some of us hate spoiler, why? because it called as Mr. Know-it-All. An example when you have a plan to watch infinity war movie your friend COMES full with her spirits, telling you the infinity war movie from it beginning till it endings so what is still remain will being watch? Will I cry or making a Big LOL? In social media I had many comments and they will making a high wall to quarantine any such kind spoiler, most of friends hate it but it human is so curious and they think all of them having the same whistlist, so let pick the ticket into your cart do not hear the spoiler even they tell the truth but sounds like a shit, am I right? DOES DOCTOR STRANGE MAKE ANY SPOILER? Doctor strange knew and saw million times what infinity war endings but he never make any spoiler. More being stronger someone is more bigger


IF YOU CAN USE YOUR SMARTPHONE BY RIGHT when you confuse what shall be bought a laptop or a smartphone? Just consider the bugdet that you have for now, then I guess you will buying a phone, Am I right?  But why? Because with a smarthphone you can call your mom by dial her number, or you can texting your friends and send them some messages, so many fun in just one hand. Further more a phone does have networking capacity as laptop does have, so you can also chat with your friends through the internet. Oh yes! I can't count how many times you can use it for get pictures with your friends and send them into social media like Facebook, IG, and GPlus? That are the ordinary people way to use their phones. Why we call you are genius one is when you can use your smartphone more than a phone. You can use it for some productivity work such as: Blogging, support working, support learning, and for some excercises. When you so curious, here we go: Signs 1. BLOGGING You can use you

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