How use a cellular phone to create a blog's content?

Today is mobile, everywhere. You can see every single words are typing by mobile. Your friend texting you via whatsApp, Messenger or they hangout you from overseas. What a laptop can do almost to be a past time and cellular can do the same now. Blogging should be the same.
mobile for blogging
mobile for blogging
We can not forget the history goes, and we are telling about recent. What thing is in your hand and most times with you and everytime in the life for nowadays, a laptop? or a cellular phone? You better focus to the latest one and how to maximize it for your purposes. For example we can do it for blogging.

This article is aimed to answer a question, how to write an article or even a blog content through the cellular? Nothing is better rather than show it visually, and I find the way. Thank you so much for cellular phone with a bunch of multipurposes of applications.

  1. Use your phone today the android phone screen have more than 5" width and the trends is becoming larger.
  2. Use latest browser, I am using chrome to create an article and post it after be reviewed. Or, you can download blogger mobile appilcation from android store in your Android Phone.
  3. Access your blog through that and do it as if you access them through the PC's
  4. Share it easily and mobile but you need submit your article into the webmaster too. I did for Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaser.
  5. ETC
Watch the video below:
How to blog it by Phone...
If you watch the video above it just a simple, you can try by yourself. I just created video by screen capture. I have no choice because I have no video devices to support such kind work.


Yes today is mobile, since google finalize to support non-mobile blog, why you still stay longer on it? May be below are some reasons why you failed to perform right blogging for recent:
  1. Your Blogger theme is old classic so just cool in widen screen such as laptop, PC desktop. But can not fit for smaller screen like cellular it can not accomodate such as like non responsive web page.
  2. You do not understand how to modified any classic blogger theme become more responsive  and mobile. Or you do not know even it is becoming an important thing now.
  3. Or You think mobile is not important as PC or laptop does.
If you want to use modified and reponsive theme we can help you by free. Do not hesitate to ask any questions!

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