The rich will become richer, the poor will become poorer. That's a phrase I often hear, almost becoming a dogma in my life. I was born into a poor family, with a lazy gene within me that I've been fighting against throughout my life. While I crawled in my own environment, time passed by. Now, I have to face the reality of a larger, wider, and more unsettling environment.

And hope? I have almost forgotten it. Look around me, it's full of hardworking people, diligent savers, and those who have sky-high aspirations. They were almost successful, should have been successful. Unfortunately, there are turning points in history, milestones, where suddenly one thing comes and changes the rules of the game.

And we, we remain the same. Helpless in the face of time's beginning, they call it a milestone, a new era that no longer solely belongs to humans, but to AI. Soon, the world will be filled with those digital creatures, extensions of our intelligence. They seize all plans. No, they are just something we ourselves have created in a long process, like anything else, becoming something inevitable.

Oh wait, what is that? I said it's ChatGPT, Lambda, OpenAI, Google Bard, and many more. AI is changing everything. If you open a store now, it's three times harder and riskier than in the past because the margins are divided among online businesses worldwide. Currently, online stores are still fine, people still shop a lot on Lazada, Tokopedia, yellow stores, black stores, and haven't reached saturation point yet. But a new threat has emerged, which is live shopping on a platform, it is more appealing than conventional online shopping because we can directly ask and interact with the owner or seller.

Don't forget the analogy, every new thing always replaces the old, if not kills it. Everyone wants to try and own it.

It is still fresh in most people's memory, the technology of mobile phones and communication devices was the cause. The technology that once killed other old technologies in the blink of an eye, where are the internet cafe entrepreneurs, pocket camera industry, and Walkman now? Where have the thriving paper newspapers gone? It's all because smartphones can accommodate everything. People listen to music, read, watch, and do much more through their phones.

Everything is killed by smartphone technology that devours everything.

AI is even more ruthless; it will make us not need to go to school, not need to work hard, not need to desperately chase money anymore. It may sound absurd, but it will become a reality.

AI will make all applications useless. People will abandon AI, and conventional programmers will have to collaborate within the AI system. AI can create complex games designed by programmers for months in an instant. AI can write music and analyze data much faster. And it seems AI will become even more limitless.

I don't want to make you tired by remembering the details of the events. AI will take over many things, rendering your well-thought-out plans useless.

After you retire, it is pointless to start a business and find profitable partners. Spending hours scouting and approaching in cafes, you must realize that your plans will never be as good as the planning package made by AI with much lower risks. But the fact is, you can no longer realize any plans in the present time because you are just a limited mortal being. AI is capable of regenerating everything; even AGI will soon exist with its increasingly unimaginable cognitive intelligence, especially in its ability to solve everything.

AI takes everything away.

Then, those who have money will dominate premium AI, build businesses without having to work as hard as we do, and in its execution, it can weave a very extensive network. Your efforts will be isolated and desolate.

Yes, the business that you and your "traditional" colleagues have passionately planned in cafes for months, maybe even years, will only be done in minutes by AI with much more accurate calculations. If you say that your need is to interact with business partners, then forget about your business goals.

Indeed, it's bitter. I'm not trying to teach you my laziness, but I'm just saying that I strongly disagree with the notion that there's no need to work hard to earn money now, it will be in vain. You can no longer rely on any applications because they have become obsolete; that era has passed and gone. You don't need to read motivational books about becoming rich or successful; they are all useless now. Since the past, those things have never guaranteed anything; nothing guarantees that after you go to school, achieve a degree, you will have better job opportunities than most people.

That era where intelligence could be implanted thanks to AI, the era where our intelligence, education, and experience reached a saturation point.

Imagine in ancient times, a thousand years before the Common Era when people wrote knowledge on stones, then moved to animal skins, then to papyrus, knowledge was very precious. Books were kept and secured in treasuries, only chosen people easily obtained literacy. Then came the technique of making paper, followed by the invention of the printing press. Books spread among the public, and knowledge was no longer the exclusive possession of priests and special individuals. Books quickly lost their sacredness.

And now, the idea will emerge where knowledge can be instantly injected into the human brain. Do you want to be good at mathematics? Want to excel in physics? Just inject it into your brain using magnetic waves. Knowledge packages can be customized according to each person's genetic talents, making knowledge cheaper, with smaller margins, reaching equality. There will no longer be geniuses when everyone becomes a genius. Everyone becomes foolish.

And all thanks to AI, the god who emerges from human-created digital machines. The creator who then becomes captivated by its own creation.

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  1. Sedih saya dengernya.. ga ngerti hihi.. on the other hand, I am happy that was a change, but on the other hand, I am worried that there will be misuse of AI technology... some time ago I was shocked by President Soeharto 'return to life' with AI technology.. . bener ga ya... tata hahasanya :)

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