Other people's life experiences may be different from ours, but it doesn't mean that their experiences cannot serve as lessons for our own lives.

Helo friends!. This content is not intended to be motivational; it's simply about sharing experiences in the hopes that it may be beneficial, at least to a small portion of the audience. It has already brought me great happiness.

One day, I met an enthusiastic young entrepreneur who was selling a certain product. I also sold some items through a platform I was managing. At one point, he asked if I had a video channel platform. I answered honestly and said, "Yes, I have a YouTube channel and a TikTok account with over 20 thousand subscribers and more than 80 thousand followers, alhamdulillah."

So what did I gain? Not much, if you're referring to money. I only earned less than one percent of what you make with your online and offline sales. At this age, I am still a beginner.

Then he asked, "How old are you? Are you 45?" I felt flattered by his guess because I am actually over 50 years old. He looked slightly surprised, but not because of my age. He was surprised and asked if someone can still be profitable and successful at the age of 50, according to me.

This unexpected question startled me. I realized that many people in the world, and even within certain cultures and beliefs, believe that once you're over 50, the door to success is closed and you can no longer profit easily. I regretted not being successful in my younger years like him. However, what's done is done, and I can't regret it anymore. So much time has been wasted, and dwelling on it would only lead to endless regret.

The problem is that there seems to be plenty of evidence in the world suggesting that when a man or woman grows old, they can no longer profit, which causes them to stop trying. Some stop because they are already wealthy, while others resign themselves to accepting their lives as they are. Ironically, these statements usually come from people who have become wealthy in their old age. They look at the younger generation because they know that older people have lost a lot of motivation in their lives.

I don't know if I'm lucky or not, but I have a slightly different perspective. In my younger years, I hadn't yet developed the mindset, beliefs, and courage to achieve anything. But when I reached this age, I felt the need to try. That's why I built my channel, and it hasn't been in vain. In just a few months, I gained tens of thousands of followers who actually enjoy my content. I never expected it, although I hoped for it. I am well aware that I am nobody, far from being a prominent figure.

The recent experiences I've had have changed my pessimistic view of life. I am seeking money, even though I don't particularly love it. I just want to taste and experience the things I dreamt of in my youth, even if it's at an age that's no longer considered young. I don't care when people say it's too late, that everything has changed. I need to find a way to overcome all the difficulties in life. I simply want to enjoy life the way I wanted to in the past.

I remember the mountain goats' philosophy. They can kill their predators, such as bears and mountain lions, who are much stronger than them. They don't have the power to fight, but they have developed a skill, a single skill or expertise: walking and running on cliffs and steep slopes. They have developed claws that can grip the rocks on the cliffs. Often, their predators slip and fall while chasing them, plummeting to their deaths on sharp rocks.

Now, back to me. Do I feel successful now? No, I don't. It's quite embarrassing that I've never felt successful. But I am starting to enjoy the struggle, the ups and downs. I feel challenged and want to live until my last breath. Whether I succeed or not, no matter what, it doesn't matter. It's time for me to embrace the struggle, not sit back and relax in a rocking chair. Resting is not my style. I will keep striving until my last breath in this life. I want to develop a skill that can overcome any obstacles in my endeavors. Just one skill: gracefully overcoming everything.

I have started learning everything that interests me, relying more on logic than emotions. I have gone through all of that with great difficulty. I don't want to prove anything because some of my work is better kept secret. At this age, I just want to quietly work.

Other people's life experiences may be different from ours, but it doesn't mean that their experiences cannot serve as lessons for our own lives.

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